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Still Relevant News:
Bohemian Club's latest ploy:
Orchestrating a Bait and Switch
John Hooper's short letter of inquiry to Prof. Sillett
Sillett's incredibly terse response to Hooper
Hooper's full response to Sillett in which the inconsistencies between what Sillett says is in the NTMP and what is really in the NTMP are exposed.
It is puzzling that two letters from well-respected scientists have recently been submitted to the Calfire file supporting the Bohemian Grove NTMP (Nonindustrial Timber Management Plan). However, both letters point to supposed positive attributes of the Club's NTMP (such as sustained yield harvest; greater old growth and large tree protection, etc.) which are not contained in the NTMP document on file.

The Bohemian Club is secretly circulating a new NTMP among a selected few individuals in an effort to "pre-sell"  a sanitized document which the public has no access to.  This could be interpreted as good news, except for the fact that Grove forester Nick Kent was recently quoted in the media saying that the Bohemian Club now seeks to harvest 700,000 board feet of redwood and fir each year. This is half again as much as the historically destructive rate of 500,000 board feet per year which the Club has cut since 1984!

We have written both experts involved alerting them to the likelihood that they have been misled into commenting on a "phantom" document.

Click on the letters in the top left window to read the exchange between Professor Sillett and John Hooper.

UC Prof O'Hara Does The Same As Prof. Sillett:
In an apparent bait-and-switch operation:
Is the Club showing the professors one plan and submitting another in the official file?

In response to the letter from Kevin O'Hara, Professor at the University of California,
John Hooper lays out the flaws in the O'Hara analysis... indeed it seems Dr. O'Hara is addressing a completely different proposed NTMP than the one currently under consideration by Cal Fire! (CLICK FOR FULL TEXT OF HOOPER'S LETTER)

Dr. Kevin O’Hara
University of California
207 Mulford Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720

Re: Bohemian Grove NTMP 1-06NTMP-011 SON

Dear Dr. O’Hara:

I write concerning your letter of April 4, 2008, regarding the Bohemian Grove nonindustrial timber management plan (NTMP).


Your Letter of April 4, 2008, to Cal-Fire
Your letter has become the Bohemian Club’s “Exhibit No. 1,” in its efforts to persuade the public that the NTMP will be good for the environment. At the same time, it has engendered considerable confusion among those of us familiar with the NTMP. Although you sent your letter to Cal-Fire and referenced the official NTMP, the letter does not appear to be based on that NTMP. Not only can your observations not be squared with the data in the NTMP, they are at variance with your scientific colleagues who have reviewed and criticized it. While disagreement among scientists is common and healthy, you appear to be addressing a different NTMP altogether.



June 10, 2008
We have reason to believe the CA Dept of Forestry may be helping the Bohemian Club behind the scenes to obtain its NTMP. Attached letter from our legal counsel Paul Carroll to the Legal Department of CDF.

June 10, 2008
We are today asking for all documents relating to the Bohemian Grove NTMP which are not part of  the public record. Requests similar to the attached letter are going out to Department of Fish and Game and The Resources Agency.