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Sierra Club Redwood Chapter
The preeminent environmental organization in Northern California. The Redwood Chapter represents a geographically vast area including the Russian River and the Bohemian Grove area.

Their site also has direct links to many important documents included in the Bohemian Grove NTMP on-line records (complete list at our NTMP page). The Sierra Club Redwood Chapter NTMP links include:

Call for Comment - Urgent!

Forest Protection Committee comment on the Bohemian Grove NTMP conservation easement plan

Letter from Mark Finney, US Forest Service Fire Science LaboratoryPaul Carroll re "fire hazard" and Bohemian logging plan

Letter from Attorney Paul Carroll re sustained yield errors: "harvest rate exceeds growth"

Request for Technical Assistance concerning the Northern Spotted Owl, for the Bohemian Grove Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan

Letter from Attorney Paul Carroll requestion NSO Technical Assistance

Letter from Reginald Barrett, Goertz Professor of Wildlife Management, College of Natural Resources, U.C. Berkeley

Letter from D.C. Erman, emeritus professor of Ecology at U. C. Davis re logging the Bohemian Grove

Letter from Philip W. Rundel, Distinguished Professor of Biology, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, University of California (UCLA)

Letter from Gregory A. Giusti , Forest Advisor, RPF 2709


Forest Unlimited
is a 501(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to protect, enhance, and restore the forests and watersheds of Sonoma County. Forest Unlimited educates the public about logging plan review, forestry law, and regulation.

Forest Unlimited monitors logging plans county wide, addresses illegal and unsound logging, works toward changing local logging rules, and provides information regarding current forestry law. Forest Unlimited sponsors forest restoration projects and coordinates a Mentor Program designed to educate and train the public.

Neighbors Against Irresponsible Logging (NAIL) 
formed in August, 2005 in order to protect the Los Gatos Creek Watershed and Thompson Road area from the San Jose Water Company's proposed logging operations with Big Creek Lumber. Although the NTMP has been denied, The NAIL Steering Committee wants you to know that, regardless of what comes next, we remain committed to the following:

the outfit that says it will accept the Bohemian Club's bogus easement.