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Quotes From Concerned Bohemians
(Anonymous to protect members who have spoken out)

Whither The Grove:
The Future of Bohemia's Forestland by John Hooper (date)

Hooper Letter to HM Duque (Chair of BC)
August 19th, 2001 with Response From Mr. Duque October 2, 2001

Letter From Bohemian Club (John H. Bickel)
May 15th, 2003 and
Response by John Hooper August 28, 2003

Impacts of Logging on the Bohemian Grove:
Observations from the 2003 Encampment - September 2003 by John Hooper and The Club's Reaction to JH "Impact of Logging" Presentation January 20, 2004

(Mostly anonymous to protect members who have spoken out)

From someone attending
the Bohemian Encampment:

"I find that very few Club members have any idea as to what is going on. All the members know is that the Club is trying to reduce the fire risk and they feel that this is a good thing.  The Club certainly has not been open and truthful with the members about all the issues and why the application has been opposed. They blame it all, simplistically, on a dissident named Hooper without explaining the issues and the real reason for the Commission's refusal.

Incidentally, almost all the tan oaks are dying in the Grove and present a real fire hazard!

Best regards"


-from an avid Bohemian hiker, 2003

"The administration of the Grove cutting program has been a bizarre ghastly tragedy. When I was first a Bohemian (late 1960's), the Grove was more or less in a natural state: redwoods in the wet, shady valleys, along with umbelaria (bayP and acer macrophyta (maple), the Pseudeotsuga Menziesii (Douglas fir) in a band up the slope along the edge of the redwoods and then, higher up the slope, hardwood: lithocarpus and arbutus m. et al. Some of the magnificent Pseudotsugas were just outside Santa Barbara Camp and were over three hundred years old (I know because I have had the tragic occasion to count the rings).

And now the club does not have, and can never recover, the natural virgin redwood Grove that the early founder thout to preserve for us forever."

-from an avid Bohemian hiker, 2003

"Congrats on a fine report (Impacts of Logging in the Bohemian Grove, 2003)! I think it is a masterpiece and the Club should be indebted to you for it and the questions you have raised. I cannot for the life of me see how responsible officials can ignore it. Let's hope they don't. If they do, I feel strongly that this information should be brought before the membership."

-from another Bohemian hiker

"Keep in mind that the Bohemian Club leadership has been receiving signals that something is amiss in the backcountry for years and yet has taken no steps whatsoever either to modify forest practices or to develop a mechanism for members of the Club to become involved in this most important issue."

-from a Bohemian 2002

"Sat at dinner last night with Eric Pedley (former Club president) who wanted to know why you were such a ship-stirrer. He stunned me by saying: 'He could get himself kicked out of the club.' I said it sounded as though Jock had raised some interesting points that needed airing. Eric felt the subject was closed and should be left to the experts, like Osterling. Then the show started, for which I was grateful."

- from a 30 year member to Club President Dick Behrendt, fall 2003

"As a tree farm, I can only assume we are doing all the right things, and in a first class manner. But since we're not a tree farm, and certainly don't need to be for the modest revenue derived, it seems reasonable to ask what is the point of acting like one... To my untrained eye, Jock's arguments seem quite persuasive. He is hardly a tree hugger, having in place a timber harvest plan on his own Mendocino property, as you know... To date, I'd bet very, very few members have a clue what our forest practices and polices are... it must be in our long-term best interest to educate the membership before any further cutting is undertaken at the Grove."

-from a Bohemian to a Board member, in August 2003

"On my cross-country hike, the trees marked for logging in 2004 were generally the largest in any group of three or five. Many of them were magnificent Douglas Firs. They are unquestionably the oldest specimens in the area I traversed. Their felling strikes me as nonsensical."

-from a letter from a long-term member to President Jack Bickel, August 2002

"This year we found the trails in poorer condition than in any previous year I can remember, specifically, the upper part of Incinerator and Cathedral Ring trails, damaged by recent logging. The logging operations of the past several years have substantially reduced the aesthetic appeal of the trail system to those of us who treasure the pristine nature of the Grove on our daily morning hikes from the Museum."

-from a long term Bohemian, August 2004

"Well said, Jock. I admire your tenaciousness and your tensile strength. I think Dick Behrendt is signing letters that the Presidents minions - legal and otherwise - are putting before him. They're saying, "Aha, we've nailed him now. He's ready to grovel. Wrong guy. Regards."

-from a Bohemian hiker -

"Thanks for sending me your paper. Why don't you publish it in the Library Notes under the title: Going, going, gone: the loss of our forest legacy."

-from a Bohemian hiker

"Problem is, these harvests are not a one time deal; the Club's plan (and we see it happening) is to re-enter these same areas every 15 years, so the disruption caused by timber harvesting get repeated over and over and accumulates."

-from a camp Captain

"The club membership seems to be completely uninformed as to what is going on. If informed, they may prove to be very supportive - though I doubt it. The need is very clear for a presidential letter to the membership spelling out what the plan is, and seeking their views on what the membership thinks is in its best interests. It's hard not to think, when considering going to the membership, What's to lose? Maybe they already know all about it and I'm the dim, uninformed bulb. But I don't remember ever receiving as much as a word on the subject. So what is it, who's for it and why?”

-from a long-time Bohemian Club member

"The damage to the Grove is already terrible and irremediable and nothing can be done without a complete change of persons responsible - which, as you well know, will never happen. The plain fact is that the board of directors does not give a damn - the number of Bohemian hikers (the constituency for the forest) is minuscule and the management is socially and politically entrenched. No doubt they are good fellows while drinking at the bar, and have many good friends who don't give a rat's ass for the forest but will be fiercely protective of their friends from any criticism from tree-hugging soreheads. I wish you luck, though I bet you a nickel you will be defeated by the usual stonewalling, lies and evasions of the entrenched bureaucracy."

-reactions of a club leader after a winter hike, January 2003

"I can tell you from an inspection 2 weeks ago that it looks terrible - like no clean-up has been done. The water breaks seem to be in but what a mess elsewhere."

-from a Bohemian

"You have done a fantastic job (briefing the Grove Committee about forestry) and all the Club members owe you their thanks!"

-reactions of a registered professional forester (RPF), July 2004

"I'm impressed with all the work you've done trying to protect old growth within the Grove! It does seem a shame that an ownership such as this would just have run of the mill logging. I would think that the caliber of its membership would require state of the art management. I think your approach so far with the Grove is good. I'm not sure I could add anything other than support your efforts in the retention of larger trees."

-from a Bohemian

"I have received a copy of Jock Hooper's email concerning NTMP. It's quite disturbing. If it is true that the plan is to triple the timber harvest, that seems uncalled for. I think the general membership has no knowledge of this. It's not easy to see what to do about this."

-Jock Hooper responds:

"I am not sure what to do next. The Club leadership has made it clear that it will not even discuss the issue on its merits with me, that my behavior is 'un-Bohemian' and I have been threatened both with disciplinary action and expulsion from the Club. With that discouraging attitude as backdrop, and thinking of the issue strictly from the point of view of protecting a beautiful grove of trees, I wonder if it might be better if I resigned from the Bohemian Club and published an article about what is really going on in the forest of Bohemia. Public scrutiny might be the only way to bring this lock-step logging to a halt. It is abundantly clear that the current leadership of the Bohemian Club is unwilling to entertain any changes to the current regime."

(subsequent to this email Jock Hooper did resign his membership from the Bohemian Club).